How many fans do you need?

This article is to show you some simple math on how to turn an audience into a dollar value.

Key assumptions:

  • Margin on a product sold is $5 USD 
  • For every 1,000 followers you can sell One product per week
  • Your fan base has overlap, so do not add YouTube + Facebook + Twitter, it is just the largest of them all.

I’m going to use a medium sized influencer as an example. Some may consider this very small, some may consider it huge, but it is a nice easy number.

Fan size = 500,000

500,000/1,000 = 500

500 * 1 product / week = 500 products per week

500 * $5 = $2,500 / week

2,500/week * 52 weeks = $120,000 per year

$120,000 per year!

To some YouTube Stars that might not even get their heart rate up, but to most that means a sustainable income that you are in control of.

Not to mention every person wearing or using your branded merchandise is becoming more of a fan every day they use/wear it and starting conversations with their friends and family about you.

Don’t you want to be part of that conversation?

All it takes is a merchandise store, with coaching on how to make it thrive.

That’s where we come in

Today is the day to get started.  

PS: Stores are being set up for free right now, we can't guarantee that will last ;)

Do you have an Audience, But no Branded Merchandise?

New Product Available on CrispyTees!

The snapback, an American icon in the world of hats. For those days you wake up and don't want to do your hair, don't want to put on a suit, just want to enjoy the day, and look awesome doing it! 

CrispyTees is proud to introduce the CrispyTees Snapback, a product available to all shop owners. Your customers will love this hat, a mix of style and function with beautiful screen printing or embroidery (up to you). 


One SizePerfect for the casual evening, a day at the beach, or even a baseball game, let your fans show off your unique branding while wearing a comfortable and functional hat. 

  • Black, Gold, Red, Orange, Purple, Royal Blue
  • 80/20 acrylic/wool
  • 7-position adjustable snap

For those without a shop, check out to see if you qualify for one.